Sunday, October 23, 2011


This blog entry is about intensity.  Whenever I begin to train a new client I let them know that the number one variable that is going to get them results is intensity.  And by that, I mean the amount of effort that one puts into what they are doing.  All too often I see people in the gym just going through the motions of an exercise and not putting forth any type of effort.  When you exercise you should be uncomfortable, you should experience a significant amount of physical stress, you should sweat, you should FEEL your muscles working, and you should push yourself hard.  There is a reason that so many fitness programs like P90X, crossfit, INSANITY, and many others get results.  It is because those programs utilize high intensity within their workouts.  That is also why professional athletes look the way that they do.  They have mastered the pratice maximizing intensity in their given sports.  That being said, please do not interpret this as me saying that you should take every rep of every set to the brink of muscle failure and blacking out.  That can quickly lead to overtraining and injury.  What I AM saying is that to get results you should learn to get out of your comfort zone, push the envelope every now and then, and embrace intensity. Good luck.

  J.C. Amerson