Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Have a Better Breakfast

Most experts agree that breakfast is an important meal.  After an over night fast of 8-10 hours your body is low on energy and needs to refuel with quality calories and healthy nutrients.  I know that for most people the morning is spent constantly rushing around and breakfast seems to be an after thought.  When people do eat breakfast it is often in the form of some sugar saturated cereal or a highly processed cereal bar.  These are not very good options because they cause spikes in blood sugar, provide little nutrients, and just leave you feeling hungry an hour after you eat.  If there is one thing that I can recommend it is that you try to take time in the morning to feed yourself properly.  All it takes is an extra ten minutes to start your day off right. So with that being said I would like to share one of my favorite breakfasts.  I call it the "vegetable scramble".  All you need is some fresh vegetables and a few eggs.  This is an easy way to increase the amount of vegetables you eat, and you can never have enough vegetables.  I firmly believe they make a huge difference in your health.  Here are the ingredients that I use to make mine.

 I simply use about half an onion, about one quarter of a large bell pepper, and about a cup of baby spinach.  I generally use 2 or 3 eggs depending on how hungry I am.  Here is how you make it:

  Dice up the onion and bell pepper pretty small.  Then sauté your onions over medium heat for about 2 minutes in some olive oil ( or whatever you have ).  After the onions have cooked a few minutes toss in the bell peppers and cook for another minute or two.

Then you toss in your spinach.  It may seem like you are putting in too much but the spinach will shrink down significantly.  Once the spinach has turned dark green and shrunken down you can add in your eggs.  I usually beat in the eggs in a separate container before I add them.  Just pour the eggs right over the vegetables.  I also usually turn the heat down a little when I add the eggs so I don't burn them.

 It doesn't take the eggs very long to cook so monitor them and cook to your desired consistency.  When the eggs are done just plate the whole mixture and consume.  If you are not watching your calories than you can add some shredded cheese for extra flavoring or you can eat with a small side of salsa.  Also, if you are one of those people trying to gain weight you can add some toast and butter to the meal.

Overall this is a low calorie, nutrient dense breakfast that will leave you feeling full and satisfied until lunch.  The eggs provide about 70 calories per egg, with 6 grams protein per egg,  the vegetables might provide an extra 50 calories, and the oil that you use might add an extra 100 calories.  So a 2 egg scramble is probably going to be under 300 calories.  Give this recipe a try and see how you feel.  

Friday, December 2, 2011

Fitness Xmas

  Since ,"it's beginning to look alot like Christmas", I decided to write an article on some fitness related presents that NO ONE should ever buy.  These are products that are marketed for individuals who are trying to lose weight and fall prey to all the newest gimics.  I can save you some time and money right now and tell you that there is no product out there that is going to make you reach your goals.  The only way to reach your fitness related goals is with proper exercise and diet.  So with that being said, let begin...

Price: $85.00
Aahhh... the shape up shoes. " The Gym for your feet."  I don't think there is a more ridiculous looking shoe out there.  Please, please do not buy this shoe thinking that it is going to make you lose weight.  It is going to make you walk around very unbalanced, and it is going to make you look funny.  I actually feel kind of bad when I see people wearing them because I know they bought them with high hopes of losing weight.  The marketing and advertising biz has seen how popular these shoes are and there are new brands popping up all over.  None of them work.  So steer clear of any shoes that look like big marsh mellows.


 Price: $25.00
 I consider it very sad that I even have to mention this product.  The whole premise of getting " In shape" by shaking a weighted cylinder back and forth is laughable.  To start with, exercise should mimic real world movements and elicit a total body response.  What does this exercise even mimic...don't answer that.  Also, how can you expect to get in a workout if you are only using you arms.  Lets see, your arms account for less than 10% of your body mass so you are really only exercising at less than 10% capacity. That is clearly not ideal.  Oh.. and did I mention it looks ridiculous.  I thought it was weird when I saw the first advertisement with a woman using it.  If you are a man and want to keep any shred of masculanity do not even pick this thing up.  Studies have shown it drastically increases estrogen levels.


Price: Approx. $150.00
The Ab Doer Twist.  This is essentially a computer chair with handle bars.  I have no idea how flexing your spine back and forth is going to give you a six pack.  One, there is no resistance so there is no strength component involved. Two, you are seated the entire time.  Anyone who thinks they are going to lose weight by sitting in a chair seriously needs to re-evaluate their thought process.

 So when you are out doing your Chrismas shopping and you see these products, you can stop and mock them, but do not purchase them.  You money would be better spent on a SNUGGIE.  Merry Christmas.

 ,Jacob Cagney Amerson