Sunday, March 24, 2013

What My Diet Looks Like

Diet is a huge component of any health and fitness program.  If you are not taking in the right quality and quantity of calories than many of your fitness endeavors may be wasted.  As the saying goes, "You cannot out-exercise a bad diet."  Personally I think that there are many diets out there that can work and they all offer different benefits.  That being said I do not following any specific diet.  I simply eat foods that are natural (or pretty close), provide healthy nutrients, and taste good.  So with today's post I would like to show you just what I eat on a regular basis.  I feel that most of the food I eat is healthy and nutrient dense, and can serve as an example of how a person with no special diet requirements or specific allergies could base their own diet.  As far as goals with this diet I simply want to maximize health, maintain low body fat, provide energy for exercise and leisure, and enjoy food.

So to start things out I thought I would show a picture of my groceries from this week.  Here it is.

As you can see I try to go heavy on the fresh produce as much as possible.  I like to get a variety of colors in both fruits and vegetables that way I am taking in an array of nutrients.  I also try to get different ones each week that way I am not eating the same things over and over.  I do this to break up the monotony and also to mix up my vitamin intake. I always choose fresh over frozen, and almost never get canned.  It is hard to tell but that is about 2.5 pounds of green beans that my wife and I will eat for lunches this week.

Moving on we have meats.  I only bought some chicken, eggs, and bacon this week because I already had beef, salmon, and ground turkey in the freezer.  I tend to eat a lot of chicken but try to vary meat consumption as well.  This week I will eat ground turkey two nights, chicken two nights, beef two nights, and chicken or salmon for lunches.  I generally eat eggs, and egg whites, 3 mornings a week.  I eat bacon any time of day - it is awesome(only two pieces though).

Studies show this is the most effective way to drink milk

Next is the dairy foods.  I don't really go through that much milk but it was on sale if you buy two.  My wife eats yogurt for snacks and I put yogurt in protein smoothies so that is a regular for us.  I just try and find yogurt that is high protein and low sugar.  There is sour cream because we are having fajitas this week. Sweet!

Finally we have the dreaded grains/carbs.  I have not been convinced that grains are the enemy.  Yes, if you eat too much of the wrong ones you will gain weight and probably have blood sugar issues, but I am not ready to condemn them all.  I think that the right ones can provide lots of nutrients and help you meet your daily calorie needs for your level of activity.  I would argue that if you are any type of athlete that expends large amounts of energy on a regular basis than grains should make up a large percentage of your overall diet.  As far as specifics I try to get products that are labeled 100% whole grain or have very few ingredients listed.  The waffles are for convenience on mornings that we are running late and don't have time for eggs or oatmeal(our two staples).  Just toast'em, and put on some peanut butter or almond butter and go!  The bear naked cereal is something new that I am trying as an afternoon snack.  The fiber bars are my little treat to trick my brain into thinking that I am eating dessert.  They are just sweet enough and only 120 calories. Finally there is the Bisquick.  I don't really have any justification for them, I JUST LIKE PANCAKES!

So that is my diet in a nutshell.  Nothing too scientific or complicated.  Again, I try to change things up often so the specific choices will vary week to week but the basic template is the same.  I meet all of my fitness goals, have plenty of energy throughout the day, and enjoy that food that I eat.  What more could you ask for? (Except for MORE bacon)

 Stay Fit,

 Amerson Fitness