Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fitness is a Lifestyle

Here are some statistics from the CDC that should be alarming.
  • 35% of Americans are obese
  • 33% of Americans have high chosterol
  • 31% of Americans have high blood pressure
  • 8% of Americans have diabetes
  • Heart disease is the number one killer of Americans

We are the greatest country in the world yet we cannot figure out how to stop killing ourselves with poor lifestyle choices.  Americans in general eat too much, move too little, overindulge, and basically treat their bodies like trash receptacles.  This must stop! So with today's blog I would like to offer some insight, and perhaps some motivation, as to what fitness really is... A LIFESTYLE!

Fitness is NOT about the newest and and most endorsed diet
It is about...

  • making the right food choices throughout life
  • planning your meals each week
  • going to the grocery store EVERY week
  • putting down the fork when you are full
  • learning how to cook in order to properly fuel your body
  • being able to recognize and name most fruits and vegetables
  • spending a little more on quality food

Fitness is NOT about going to the gym for an hour at a time
It is about...

  • preparing for and exercising for life
  • moving more
  • find time, not excuses, to exercise
  • taking the stairs two at a time, every time
  • carrying in all the groceries in one trip
  • doing a 5 mile hike on a whim 
  • not being the douche who waits 10 minutes for a close parking spot
  • being able to take care yourself and loved ones physically
  • always feeling confident in your physical abilities

Fitness is NOT about having the perfect body
It is about...
  • feeling good about yourself
  • embracing, not obsessing over, imperfections
  • being confident and comfortable with your appearance regardless of the season
  • restraining from taking constant selfies
  • focusing on health and not vanity

Fitness is NOT about how much weight you can lift
It is about...
  • making consistent progress at any level
  • taking care of your body so you can use it for life
  • going full range of motion
  • quality of movement
  • realizing that strength is just one component of health and fitness

We need to stop compartmentalizing our health and fitness.  You cannot concentrate on just your diet, your workout, or your looks and expect to fully thrive.  It is only through a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle that you can reach your full potential.  With so many health problems in our society that are completely preventable now is the time to make the right choices that will provide a better tomorrow for you and your health.