Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Upper Body Workout

For the last seven years I have been a student and as you might expect I have been on a typical student schedule.  I would go to classes around 8 or 9 in the morning and I would finish classes around 3 or 4 in the afternoon.  I always had plenty of time to workout so I just didn't understand when people made the excuse of not have enough time in the day to exercise.  But things have finally changed for me.  I am now in my final internship before graduating from physical therapy school and I am logging about 45-50 hours a week in the clinic.  By the end of the day I usually don't want to spend another hour at the gym, but I don't want to neglect my health and fitness either.  The solution? Time efficient home workouts.

For the past few months I have been doing the majority of my workouts at home and I have really enjoyed them.  I don't have to waste time driving anywhere, I don't have to wait on annoying "bro's" flexing their biceps, and I don't have to listen to ear raping dubstep music while I workout.  So today I want to share with you a very quick and efficient upper body workout that you can do at home with minimal equipment and time.  It is called the Push Pull Pyramid.

I use the workout with pushups and pull-ups but you can easily sub in other pushing and pulling exercises depending on your goals and training level.  For simplicity sake I will describe the workout using pushups and pull-ups.  

It is best to use exercises that you can perform between 10-30 reps if you were to perform a max rep set.  You simply perform back and forth sets of pushing then pulling with little rest in between.  Start will low rep sets then gradually build up to high rep sets, and then work your way back down.  For instance my max reps in pull-ups right now is around 16 and my max reps in pushups right now is around 40 reps.  My workout looks like this:

Pushups: 4-8-12-16-20-16-12-8-4

Pullups: 2-4-6-8-10-8-6-4-2

(So I start with 4 pushups then do 2 pull-ups. Rest. Then do 8 pushups and 4 pull-ups. Rest. And so on...)

The key with this workout is that it allows you to perform a larger volume of work while controlling fatigue.  So you are able to do more in less time.  I am able to compete this workout in about 10 minutes and it adds up to 100 pushups and 50 pull-ups total.  

Everybody, and I do mean everybody, has 10-15 minutes in the day that they can devote to exercise.  This workout is quick, efficient, and quite challenging if you push yourself.  It is great for improving your pushing and pulling numbers or for just a really good upper body pump.  And who doesn't like a good pump?

So when you are running low on time give the Push Pull Pyramid a try.  Until next time.

 Stay Fit,

     Amerson Fitness

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